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Ledrope PRO Lighting specialises in sustainable and innovative lighting intended for the professional buyer.

The Ledrope PRO is a lighting product widely used in Scandinavia and not yet applied in this way in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. It was basically developed for lighting the mining industry, a very large active industry to this day. The need to provide sturdy, flexible, lightweight and also with a high light output to miners’ tools was behind this development.

Mining was soon followed up from the professional sectors. Practice has shown that the professional Ledropes can be used both permanently or temporarily, so the range of application areas continues to expand.

Why choose
Ledrope PRO?

Plug & Play it Safe

Quick and safe to connect and, thanks to the connector, maximally protected.

Strong and flexible (IK07)

This ledrope features a double-layer silicone sleeve, resistant to external influences.

Long lifespan

Long lifespan with at least 26,000 hours


The economical and bright LED lighting ensures high light output at low power consumption.

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